Jewellery making is the perfect medium to combine my love of nature and philosophy. Inspired by organic forms, I merge the visceral colours found in nature's pearls and gemstones, with precious metals into playful arrangements of colour, shape and texture. A graduate of Georgian College's, Jewellery & Metals Program, I am a Toronto based designer goldsmith using hand fabrication, casting and a lot of love to create my pieces.

Jewellery making demands a clear mind, patience, sensitivity to the material and most importantly: devotion.  My drive for perfection can be seen in the care and detail of each object I make.  Working with precious metals has allowed me a way to grow as a person, both in patience within and in an ever growing gratitude for the beauty and wisdom of the natural world.

There is a serenity in the natural world that can be seen in gemstones and pearls.  Each gem and pearl used is hand selected for its beauty, shape, colour and character.  All precious metals are recycled and gemstones and pearls are responsibly sourced.  

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